Chatbots are Revolutionising Bookings!

Chatbots are Revolutionising Bookings!

The South African Hospitality industry is going through its resurgence – our ports are booming and people are travelling again (thank the stars!). There is a little secret tactic that has seen accelerated direct bookings and increased customer satisfaction. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and if you guessed chatbots, then you are ready to take advantage of the huge market upswing. And if you missed it, then you might want to stick around for this one. 


How do Chatbots work?

AI Chatbots are tools that can be used to assist potential customers in finding information and answering their queries. They can also facilitate direct bookings to your website. Chatbots can be found essentially on websites, but there has been a significant increase in WhatsApp Chatbots due to their ability for more direct conversation. 


How do they result in more bookings?

Using Chatbots is a great way to improve your guest experience. Imagine having your own virtual concierge, a taste of your unique brand – one that your clients get to experience before they even land on your doorstep. Clients can now find important booking information more easily, and this reduces the need for clients to go to an online travel agency (OTA). The automated responses also need not be as dry as the ones that we are used to (and there are plenty!). You can customise the messaging to speak your language (your brand) to your people. 


Chatbots offer a great way to provide an efficient and seamless experience for your guests – from search to stay. They allow you to quickly provide the information that potential guests are seeking, and it does so at the user’s convenience. By choosing the right chatbot, you can integrate booking engines that allow the user to book directly into your system. 


Should I invest in a Chatbot?

Most definitely- the proof is in the pudding: direct bookings have increased by 12% since last year and this is majorly influenced by the emergence of Chatbots. The competitive advantage that Chatbots have provided to businesses by providing improved response times and quality has led to increased customer satisfaction. There is no doubting the impact of digitisation, and Chatbots are among the innovations revolutionising how we interact with clients. Use Chatbots with the ideal customer in mind. Consider what information and features you would like them to have. 

Be creative and concise—show your personality. However, remember that the idea behind Chatbots is to provide efficiency and a seamless guest booking experience. If all of this seems foreign (hopefully not), then maybe it’s time you sought expert advice. The race for Chatbot supremacy is on, and you do not want to be left behind!

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