How guests perceive your brand comes down to the brand message that you convey and the guest experience that you deliver.

When we are looking at relevance, we are talking about how impactful your brand is, how powerful your brand and marketing message is and whether this message, is in harmony with the guest experience you deliver.  The mistake so many businesses make is that they over promise and under deliver. In hospitality, this is especially dangerous as this results in long-term negative perceptions of your venue.  In a noisy marketplace, the clarity and simplicity of your brand and your message is a critical success factor.


Relevance, however, goes far beyond just your brand identity. Relevance is really about the authenticity of the experience your guest has. Before they get there, during their stay and long after they have checked out.


The consistency of your brand message is critical, especially within the hospitality market. Our focus for you is to ensure that your brand message is relevant to your clearly identified ideal target guests,  resulting in new and repeat business.

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