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In the hospitality industry more so than any other, your reputation in the marketplace is critical.  The reason for this is that when prospective guests are considering your offering, over 60% of them will rely on reviews to make their choice.  It is why commonplace review platforms such as Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews and dedicated review mechanisms within booking.com and Trip Advisor place such importance on market reputation.


Reviews are not just important because they provide feedback on your guests’ experiences but they have a major role in the purchasing decision.  It goes beyond this.  Your reputation in the marketplace, clearly demonstrated across various review platforms, will have a marked impact on your revenue.  The impact on your revenue goes way beyond your guest’s initial booking.  It is the measure of whether they will purchase again and as we all know, repeat business is gold.


Every hospitality business should be monitoring, responding and working hard to improve their rating across at least 5 different review platforms.  It’s what we do, day in, day out, to ensure that our clients’ reputation is always improving, along with their revenue.

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