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Every business succeeds or fails based on revenue generated.  It is the lifeblood of business.  What drives revenue is traffic – to your website, to your social channels and ultimately, to your door.   But it is more than bums in beds or bums in seats – it is also encouraging your guest to enjoy your other services.  We call this “share of wallet”.


If an accommodation guest books with you, are they offered other services whilst with you, such as spa treatments, dining, tours and business services to name a few.  When they leave do you continue marketing to them, so they come back and take advantage of your other offerings such as conferencing, or special occasions such as weddings?


The other major consideration in hospitality is online travel agents such as booking.com.  While the OTA’s perform a key role in revenue generation, we work hard for our clients to enable increased direct bookings.  The benefits here go beyond just saving the OTA fees (which are considerable.) By encouraging direct bookings, you are enabled to better upsell your additional offerings, you have the major advantage of having your guest experience of your brand in detail via your website, so you are in control of the guest experience from their first enquiry.  How powerful is that!


Using our signature solution we will grow your revenue by engaging directly with prospective guests, bringing them into your brand space.  Your website is key to your success and it is essential that it is supported by your other marketing tools such as social media, email and SMS marketing and, of course, the power of Google.

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